Doggy Rescue Web and Puppy Support

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AmandaOur history with Our English Setter Rescue (OESR)

Dave and I started following OESR on Facebook a few years ago as our beloved dog, Spaz, was an English Setter and we wanted to follow people who worked with the breed. For Dave’s 40th birthday, what do you get a man who knows everything there is to know or can figure it out in seconds??, I decided to donate the money I would spend on his present to a specific English Setter that OESR were fostering and rehabilitating, one that looked like our own Spaz, as a way of paying forward to another dog how lucky we felt to have Spaz in our lives.

Taking care of puppiesOver the last few years OESR has expanded and changed management , and Dave and I have both become involved more than we had ever imagined, with more requests and need occurring in the South than previously. We have both helped with transports to get rescued dogs to their foster or final homes, and last year (2014), Dave pulled a ready-to-birth pregnant setter from a shelter just south of Atlanta, while I was visiting family in England. He set up a whelping box in our bathroom and spent many initial sleepless nights helping her (Taegan) get comfortable as well as taking care of her during the birthing process. That momma setter and her 5 puppies have all now been successfully placed in their forever loving homes.

Buckley and Callie - Rescue Setters from OESROur 2 dogs, Buckley and Callie, both came to be with us through our connection with OESR. We rescued Buckley with the intention of sending him up to the OESR HQ in Ohio for foster and medical care, but after one night we knew he was to be our next forever dog. Callie, a mischievous “pocket” setter, was rescued in Illinois on the side of a street. She was terrified and for a long time was fearful of everything. We decided to foster her and help train and settle her and of course, we adopted her too. I took 3 Labradors (for a lab rescue located in the North) up to Kentucky (where we met a driver coming down form Ohio) and swapped them for Callie on a mammoth day-drive with my friend Sherry.

Website Development for OESR

Last year, OESR found itself needing to make more frequent changes to the website than ever, mainly to update available adoptable dogs and not wanting to pay monthly web design support fees. We agreed to take the existing site and content and adapt it so it had a content management system allowing the team to make changes themselves as and when they needed. We didn’t want to change the overall look and feel but we did create a wider display size so the website was better suited to widescreen monitors as well as other displays, and we updated some graphics.

oesr timeline

When we started looking at OESR’s procedures for updating dog information, we discovered that they had one member of staff input new information on – where people can search all kinds of dogs across the country – and another volunteer updated the website, which often meant one website was more up-to-date than the other, and, at times, the information was inconsistent. Dave, our in-house web developer and coder, discovered that the petfinder website could “talk” to our website so we developed code to take all the information from the petfinder site and display it on the OESR available dogs page in the OESR color scheme and design theme. This eliminated one person’s task completely and ensured the same information was displayed in both locations.

And using the new CMS, OESR can update photos, text and content throughout the website, although we often do that for them as part of their official web development team. smiley

OESR bumper stickerSince helping on the website, we have produced a car bumper sticker that the organization can now send out with thank you cards when they receive charitable donations, as well as sell online for extra income. We also designed and arranged production of a double-sided flyer for volunteers to hand out at events and when they are dealing with the public on behalf of OESR.

We plan on staying involved with this dog amazing group of people with volunteer support in the form of fostering and transport and of course helping them with design and web development needs. It is a purely volunteer-run operation and has, over the years, been responsible for saving the lives of many from this wonderful, loveable breed.

We are interested in helping other dog rescues with website development to help them reduce their costs and time. Please contact us to discuss your pet rescue website project.

Re-Modding Yaesu vx-5 / Freeband

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While I am not an active ham I still have a Yaesu VX-5 that has survived a Fire and I have owned for longer than I can remember.   It is part of my natural disaster emergency kit and I was checking it out to make sure it is still working right and I used CHIRP to reprogram the radio with some new repeaters/stations.   Unfortunately the radio had been software modded with the EVE program probably 8-10 years ago and this modding was lost when I reprogrammed the radio.

I tried to get EVE working on windows 7 and in a XP virtual machine but had no luck.   The radio is so old there is very little information left online and since EVE doesn’t work how do I fix the software freeband mod?

Well reviewing the source code and documentation for EVE and some Documentation for the similar VX-7, I came up with a solution that WORKS FOR ME, use at your own risk

First download a image using chirp, then open up a hex editor (I used bless, on linux)

I edited position [000A] and uploaded – then my freeband mod was back.

 [000A] : “Virtual Jumper Byte” (Changes “Current Hardware Setting” [0006]) E0H:US Unmodified F0H:US MARS/CAP Modification E8H:US Freeband Modification F8H:Japanese Default

[000C] : Wide/Ham RX 01 or 02:Wide RX 00:Ham only RX
[000D] : Wide/Ham TX (Must also have proper “Virtual Jumper” setting) 01H:Wide TX 00:Ham Only TX





Hopefully this helps somebody else








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Website Overhaul Time!

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AmandaAfter initially launching the new legal firm’s website in 2012, Sutton Law Group was looking to overhaul their web presence to reflect their increasing profile in the field of workers compensation law.

web design overhaulKnowing the team of lawyers and legal assistants had little time for website dealings, after a brief kick-off meeting, we developed the design in a short timeframe, and presented them with a design that they liked from the start and approved. One other meeting to go over content changes, and we launched the new site with little impact to the company’s daily workload, while providing them with a whole new look and adding new content relating to recent awards and updated services and employee profile information.

Visit the new website for Sutton Law Group now.

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A responsive design for Atlanta’s top fitness instructor

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AmandaAtlanta responsive design websiteStephen P. Smith of Viva Fitness, one of the most sought after personal fitness trainers in the Atlanta area, decided to go solo at the end of 2014, joining the gym at the Training Room Atlanta to offer his one-on-one or small group training services. He needed a whole new website as well as an overhaul on the content.

As the website development team, we decided in the personal fitness genre, a completely responsive design would be the best solution; as people are likely to use their mobile devices as frequently as regular desktop computers to browse his site. As such the new Viva Fitness site is a one-page fits all devices design so the end user get the same information and overall experience no matter what device they use to view his website.

The website includes Viva’s Facebook feed in the News section offering visitors the latest news and updates from the fitness trainer without leaving the site.

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A New Look for Atlanta Property Developer, Mews

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AmandaAtlanta-based commercial real-estate company and developer, Mews Development, has maintained a consistent web presence for over 10 years but decided in 2014 to update their look to fit wide-screen displays as well as establish a content management system so they can update web page information, content and property details without need of further web design assistance.

Atlanta website designWith 8 properties with multiple leasable spaces per property, Mews need to be able to update property information quickly and easily. With the Documentopia Content Management System, the Mews team can update key information (leasable space, pricing and descriptions) in one place and have the information appear throughout the site in designated spaces, including the home page, a property landing page and a home page property showcase (photo rotation).

The CMS also allows MEWs to add their own META descriptions/keywords to help market their properties using SEO, to update photos, new flyers, and edit any content throughout the website. We also created a concise clickable map showing their properties in the Atlanta area, to help potential clients view the available properties geographically as well as choosing them from the navigation drop down.

Visit the Mews Development website.


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Competing in the Laser Industry

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AmandaSkin Matters – a laser hair removal company in Atlanta contacted Documentopia to help them quickly remove themselves from a high-cost web hosting/design service who charged them excessive monthly fees in return for little more than a template-based website and a hosting account.

We quickly created a design and embedded their original content in this new theme and launched it before the next monthly payment cycle. They were able to go to paying just their normal website hosting costs after that initial change.

Documentopia continued to assist the Skin Matters team with content changes and the development of a mobile site which reduced the overall content to key information, clickable location maps and contact information.

Skin Matters New Website ThemeIn 2014, we decided to give their website (and mobile site) a whole new look, basically a more elevated high-end presence to set them apart from many of their competition websites in Atlanta. We decided to leave behind the blue swirly template look and feel of their original design, and developed a sleek black website with pink highlights to tie in with the skin-theme of their business, laser hair removal.

We continue to assist Skin Matters with promoting their website in Google Adwords and in organic searches to ensure they appear on page 1 of Google searches, as well as helping with flyers, newsletters and other marketing graphics. We also help in writing and editing fresh content for their website so the site has frequent changes and updates, which appeals to search engine optimization white hat techniques.

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3D Printing, Maximizing Build Envelope

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We recently acquired a 3D printer kit, and I had a tip I thought I would share.

The horizontal build envelope is 200mm x 200mm in theory, but due to the size of the glass and other frame geometry problems it is difficult to get to that size.   After working and rigging up the Y end stop to allow almost 197mm I found there was another problem.

When printing an object you need to get the extruder flowing plastic which is usually done by printing a skirt around the object.   But Sli3r the program I am using to slice the stl file caused the printer to try to move past it’s end stop when printing the skirt (which is bad).   So I disabled the skirt and then after generating the gcode I inserted this into the gcode using wordpad after the “M109″ statement that causes the hot end to heat up.

Add this

G1 F90 E6 ; Feed 6mm
G4 P4000 ; Wait 4000ms

After the normal pre-heat statements (like these)

G1 Z5 F5000 ; lift nozzle
M109 S205 ; wait for temperature to be reached

So what happens is the nozzle lifts up a bit and then once reaching operation temp it extrudes 6mm of filament.   I then have 4 seconds to grab that loose material with my needle nose pliers and we are off to the races.

If you want to incorporate this into your custom gcode settings in sli3r my complete start gcode snip is

M190 S65 ; wait for bed temperature to be reached
M104 S205 ; set temperature
G28 ; home all axes
G1 Z5 F5000 ; lift nozzle
M109 S205 ; wait for temperature to be reached
G1 F90 E6 ; Feed 6mm
G4 P4000 ; Wait 4000ms

Here is a 190mm build


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Codeigniter Sessions – Hybrid Native vs Stock CI Cookie/Database Sessions

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We at Documentopia usually prefer to use native PHP sessions for a number of reasons, the biggest being that they work out of the box everywhere and with almost every browser.   For a number of years we have been utilizing the CI Native Sessions library by Dariusz Debowczyk with some improvements of our own.


A few of the downsides, I think, of the Cookie based method are:

  • Data is controlled by the user (even if it is encrypted)
  • Size of the cookies being past back and forth
  • Arbitrary cookie length that might cause strange bugs if you exceed

Now the obvious solution is database-based sessions but they have their own problems including setup time and the heavier load they put on a system.

All that being said, Native sessions are not without their own problems with the biggest being that the server usually garbage collects them.

A couple of projects we are working on needed long life authorization keys, so we have updated our version of Native Sessions to utilize the stock CI sessions and PHP sessions.   You can configure it what keys to keep as cookies and which to keep as native.   That way if you want one key to be a long running cookie you can (e.g., login authorization) and the rest of the data is just held as native php sessions and GCed in the normal method.

Added Configuration Items

var $cookie_keys = array();
var $always_cookie = FALSE;

These can either be passed in params or via configuration files (or in the library itself)

cookie_keys sets the keys to be passed along to stock CI session library, and always_cookie tells it to pass along everything for double storage in both native and CI

The hope with this is you get the reliability and simplicity of native sessions with the backup capabilities of cookie (or database sessions) when needed

You can find the session in our GitRepository

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A new logo, a new website and a revamped message for RenovoData

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Atlanta-based RenovoData underwent a huge transformation in 2014.  Documentopia had worked with Renovo on various projects (tradeshow ads, quarterly electronic newsletters, custom graphics, etc) but this time they decided to re-work their whole look as they enter a new era in their business life cycle.

fresh new clean logo designPartnering with UK-marketing & PR company, Remote Marketing, we decided to start anew with the RenovoData company look.  It started with a deep search into what makes the company unique, beyond comparison with other so-called cloud-based backup providers.  This search lead us to the conception of the new logo.  Replacing the logo they had since inception, this logo combines dark strong tech-colors (black and red) with the simple but enigmatic depiction of the RENEW/REFRESH icon recognized on computer screens around the world.  The RenovoData logo is strong, confident and stresses that their number one service is to refresh and therefore recover data in case of a data-loss event.

custom web graphicsAfter a review of all services offered and the key factors that rank RenovoData as one of the most trusted data protection companies in the US, we restructured the site as we designed the new CMS-based website.  Using the Documentopia-Fuel content management system (to allow Renovo to make custom updated whenever and wherever they like), we built a clean HTML5-based site that reflected their high-end technological company.  We also introduced a new icon used on brochures, business cards and even company merchandise, the RenovoData Databot, who pops up throughout guiding their web-visitors through the process and helping them get the information they need.

In May 2014, the new RenovoData website was launched.  With custom graphics and a clean interface, it gives a whole fresh look to the Atlanta-based IT company. Since then, we’ve sent out a revamped email newsletter, designed business cards for the Renovo team, and are currently developing the new company brochure.  Check back soon to see the whole package.

Here’s the new website:


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A weird and whimsical site for a fascinating GSU professor

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I was super excited when a professor from my Science Major program at Georgia State University contacted me. Under her guidance I read the entire Quijote (part 1) in Spanish and learned a lot more about writing creatively in another language. Imagine a client who wants whimsy, who doesn’t want the website to look like ANY OTHER, and wants me to play with baroque and medieval images in weird and unusual ways?!

whimsical imagesProfesora Elena del Río Parra requested a blog, which we decided to launch using WordPress, as it has a great content management interface for her once the site was launched to update her content and as she was going to be posting regular news and blog articles. WordPress comes with its challenges especially when we didn’t want to be tied into a classic framework, like a photography blog” or “business blog” etc, but we pushed it using a host of available plug-ins to get a custom site that met the vision of Dr del Río Parra.

From a graphic standpoint, I created 5 custom headers blending olde-style images (marginalia from historic documents, sketches and weird artwork) with text, modern creative olde imagesproducts (including flip flops, ear buds and hardware), my own scrolls and swirls. I added header and footer background fade images and customized the layout to suit the professor’s desires.

As you can tell I’m pretty pleased with the end result. Here’s the website:

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